Top 5 Fastest Way To Control Map 100% In 2 | Paper io Hack World Never Record -

Top 5 Fastest Way To Control Map 100% In 2 | Paper io Hack World Never Record

Parynhar Gaming
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Top 5 Fastest Way To Control Map 100% In 2 | Paper io Hack World Never Record

Hi All frind i am Parynhar! Please enjoy with my game and help me subscribe, like and comment!
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  1. Love your vids keep up with the good work

  2. How do you see the map and get those skins? Or is it computer verison?

  3. I am Brazilian and I really like your videos, congratulations on the channel, I wish you every success.

  4. Me: plays regularly
    keeps getting killed by the godly neon cat
    Gg any way 🙂

  5. Me trys to get thanos skin: I QUIT THIS GAME SUCKS

  6. I tried that once but somebody cut me off and im so close

  7. his on a small map I once got 100% on classic mode with a trash computer

  8. You make it look so easy but when I do it I just get like 3% and then die

  9. 1million sub face reveal pls sub to him

  10. ok guys i just ALMOST win this on my tablet but when i was so close my tablet died :e

  11. Imagine!
    when Parynhar is almost close his paper (idk what its called)
    and u are in the core of it
    that is the moment when your life is ending
    that is the moment when you are gonna fall to die
    that is the moment which is your life is useless
    that is the moment is..
    Do you think I wanna continue it? Get a life bro 😉

  12. i had 70% on the small map and someone cut me off :((

  13. Every time i try to do this people swallow my whole flipping land. Before i would go back and forth between the ends of my land killing and taking back parts of my land that were taken but today i realized “well i only need the 2 parts to connect, so as long as the bots don’t swallow up that part i’m good. But that day i was probably like 2 minutes away from connecting the two sides and sudden BAM I WAS BACK TO 1%. REEEEEEEEEEE i’m sad 🙁 i really want the unicorn skin. I’ve been trying for 2 days lol. If ya’ll have any tips please reply some.

    (I’ve already tried the V00D00DeCode2018 one but it doesn’t work)

  14. Weeeeeee easy for you like a boss BUT it just SMALL MAP XD

  15. This is how many people tried it but died


  16. Love you ya de best yooutuuber evar

  17. My high score is 33 or 36 I can’t remember

  18. Can you do a video = " How To have the small map" pls?

  19. Do you remember me. Your vids are amazing keep up the work

  20. Bro nice work Parynhar is how
    you and your the best friend and you help
    People alout

  21. ive been looping the video so much , good channel , And SUB TO HIM !!!!!!!!!!!! :))

  22. well! it works! I'm hit 100 percent in world map!

  23. The fact that evreyone that gets trap by parynhar dies faster than the speed of ligth and doesent even feel pain like we all wish that we die at the speed at ligth and no pain like thats a better way to die but for me is……..being nuke

  24. Please let me know how much you paper io 2 hacked me know

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