Proving is All Bots -

Proving is All Bots

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Like: 517 isn’t actually an online game, it’s all bots. In this video, I explain how I proved it.

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  1. is this also for world conflict mode? they seems real players there

  2. proof enough for me
    anyway the game might be full of bots, but that aint gonna stop me from playin it, still on of my favourites

  3. You guys do know that all these .io games are fake multiplayer, right?.. I know they're all bots, but that doesn't affect me and my likings to the .io games.

  4. I'm not a programmer, but I discovered this in a simple way, I cut the net and the game continues in a normal way. Greetings to you from Algeria

  5. You really think peoplare gonna believe this shit

  6. oookay guys, I was also curious and made an experiment on my twitch stream – paperio is playable both ways: offline and online with actual players, problem is however that if you just join random server, it automatically throws you into a bot server… the way you can play it online is that you choose option ,,create a party,, located on paperio main menu on top-right corner of your screen and send the URL the game gives you to your friends… as a proof, in this video I was dueling one friend who joined me (time 1:22:22) we were even talking together on twitch chat

  7. i wonder how the naming system works theN> because sometimes the names will be swear words, or slurs, which led me to think they were other people. but at the same time i often found myself playing against or with the same people, same skin, same names. which could be a coincidence i suppose but i dunno

  8. didn't we already know this?

  9. some of the players are not actually bots, because they have meme names, funny names, cusses, etc. or creative names.

  10. are there any io games that are actually multiplayer?

  11. I just circle the entire map with a thin layer and once I reach the other end it kills everybody. Bye bye all you bots

  12. Tet maybe they add just enough bot with real people.
    I really liked though.
    One of my rare time to buy online app

  13. You need to create a private game to get real multiplayer. There will still be some bots, though

    Edit: As I suspected, only the players you invite are real players. The rest are all still bots. Oops…

  14. you can also turn off internet and it still works fine

  15. Lol i made my user name spin to team. when i spin, the did not spin also
    I did it more then 50 times

  16. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS OFF, the way there were no trollers with like YouTuber names or inappropriate names… and how I could still play the game EVEN THOUGH MY WIFI IS OFF???!!!

  17. I turned off wifi during gameplay it worked like normal….

  18. Well, now, I always play game with my friends in paper,io, we often play and kill each other. It’s not bots anymore

  19. the bots have always had jerky motions, too.

  20. Paper io is online there are bots too i think but still there are real players this are just all names from players

  21. I just turned off the Wi-Fi and kept playing so I knew its fake

  22. All .io games are bots hahahahhahahahahahahahhhahahha

  23. can you do an update if the world conflict mode are also bots? cause it doesnt seem like it to me

  24. I knew that there were bots because of this one key feature: None of the "players" could make a straight trail. None of them. I was the only one that did it. Also, if you were playing in teams in offline you could play infinite rounds so long as the tab was active.

  25. I noticed as soon as I realized that they turn around Way too quickly when you go outside, and then turn back around too quickly when you return. Like a Boo ghost.

  26. The Bots always find a SMART way to Kill me.

  27. There was an easier way to tell though. Whenever you hit a power up like eagle eye the game pauses you there for a second
    If you have another player in the background during that pause you can observe them freeze as well, and then pick up where they left off.

  28. The bots: WHAT!? YOU THINK WE ARE ROBOTS!?

  29. My God, how dumb you are, trying to be the internet detective. Search your name too you idiot, it will come up the same.

  30. Los bots de paper io son una mierda siempre se suicidan y no juegan bien

  31. i found it was fake in the dev console, there is a wrapper for the entire game, including kill functions, killing, bases (the little circles you spawn on), and more things like debugView (shows an entire view of the map) and a PAUSE method..

  32. Yeah i just figured out it was bots and come to youtube to confirm!The game is misleading someone talk to a lawyer lets do a class action. I know we wont get much money but at least we can take it from them!

  33. I realized because they are always stuck on low levels

  34. So are the people in world contest bots too? 🥲

  35. the fact you went through all of this effort to prove a point when all you had to do is unplug your router xD

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