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PIXEL PERFECT move to get 100% in PAPER.IO

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  1. Imagine if this was your son lol holy crap this is a damaged person

  2. Does this guy realize this game is 100% AI…

  3. why can’t I actually understand what he’s trying to communicate

  4. “Mom can we get XQC?”
    “No honey we have XQC at home”
    “XQC at home”

  5. Done this way before he did and still bots pop up

  6. Never blocked someone on YouTube, here we are

  7. never seen someone speak xqc better than xqc

  8. This guy is actually the worst at english

  9. Is he like speaking some different language coz i don freaking understand him 😂

  10. Blud got the Infinite voicecrack💀💀💀

  11. Did he circle the whole map? Or did he just leave those spots there

  12. the Players playing: aaaa it's great day playing games random youtuber: NO ONE IS GONNA BE ALIVEEEE

  13. Bro really things he's in the sims

  14. People Spamming XQC in comments.
    Me Who Watched The Stream:

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