(World Conflict) 100th 100% anniversary!!! Is it faster to avoid "capital enclosing"? - (World Conflict) 100th 100% anniversary!!! Is it faster to avoid “capital enclosing”?

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It’s 2x speed, but important parts are 1x speed, finishing is 4x speed.
I know they’re bots. But it’s difficult to get 100%, so I keep trying.

Mahler Symphonie Nr.2 (My DTM)


  1. There's at least two instances where opponents steered away from your line to not kill you. Would be a nice challenge to see if you can do 100% if it's not rigged.

  2. since you proved 100% is an easy task for you it would be nice to see some challange content in the future e.g.: 100% with only 10 kills ; 5k points ; 100% without touching the wall until you are the last player left, etc.

  3. "Is it faster to avoid…" not capturing probably means larger neighbors, so less of them and more likely they are other side of territory (out of view) so not bee-lining it for your trail. so you get to capture territory more efficiently. if you capture the capital a new player will spawn close by, and flip a coin they might start attacking your territory and now you have to re capture or deal with it for a bit.

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