[Paper.io] Winner 100% highscore! How to win in Paper io? Tutorial - giriastudios.com

[Paper.io] Winner 100% highscore! How to win in Paper io? Tutorial

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[Paper.io] Winner 100% highscore! How to win in Paper io? Tutorial

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Paper.io – gameplay obvious goal – to capture the free territory, adhering elaborated tactics. in general principle is not complicated, important to remember that there is always rivals, eager to do the same.

We did it again and became the winner in the Paper.io. This time we did it as faster as possible. Install Paper.io on your mobile devices(IOS or Android) and have fun!


  1. So after u achieve 100* u can basically farm kills for money? I LOVE IT!

  2. i do this soooo often it only works like once every four tries

  3. I tried this countless times. Ironically I was literally only 1 block away from getting 100%. I felt like killing my self. I still try.

  4. Whenever I complete a full square around the borders, 20 squares thick there is always so much missing from the AI and whenever I do it 8 thick like in the video I've got like 5% of space at the end because of computers taking it

  5. I tried this but right when I connected for my final one it didn't turn to 100% because people kept cutting through and then I had to do it again and I died:(

  6. I managed to get 85% starting from a corner

  7. I tried a million times and never got it

  8. Roses are red, violets are blue, you got 100% and I subbed to you.

  9. WOW! LOL, everything turned reedddd!!!!!!!!!

  10. 2:16 so your line is long af and someone has a chance to kill you and they literally turn away from you. bs

  11. Lol, why do you need to make such a big border? Making it smaller would make this faster and still just as effective in automatically winning, you just have to fill in the last gaps afterwards. Still overall faster

  12. I had even died at 99.78% just border was remaining but crashed on it !!!

  13. they don't allow this trick any more!😣😣😣

  14. Anyone else tried and failed a million times and when u were nearly done someone small killed a lot of times?

  15. I was so close to filling it up the other side was there all I need to do was make that line to my other side BUT someone was inbetween me and my other side I tried not to risk it so I did a pathway there BUT he nearly killed me so I spazzed and ran into a wall ;_;

  16. = @ 6 t ( $ t 2 7) t 8b.

    Comment and tell me what you think this means

  17. That's cheap. I've won this game many times by just being aggressive and making big claims.

  18. It’s bait u did not even teach 🙁

  19. Well done, my personal best ist about 3:45 minutes, with the wall joining strategy. Before that, i did it 'from side to side', which took about 8-9 minutes. I'm trying to get under 3:30 mins. 🙂

  20. Bruh I did this and it didn’t work

  21. Lol I tried that a lot dude but it don’t work bc ppl. Aren’t scared to go next to the wall

  22. I got 99.92 then I killed myself on one of the edges

  23. If this was Paper.io 2, you would have lost half your border from someone cutting you off down the middle where you're not patrolling, like ten times by now

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