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Rishayah The Guy
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Hi everyone. Today I’ll be checking out the new teams Mode on Hope you enjoy


  1. My voice is so bad. I recorded this a year ago and I hate my voice

  2. The trick here is you can camp like you just follow nd block them off. The compass is like the leaderboards and where your teammates are. To avoid being killed you cannot get closer much on some other teammates players and bump the wall to like when you go right but you bump into a wall do not go left is like that.

  3. Hi. I just wanted to Say that at 0:48 I told the truth I am A noob At literally everything -_- but Yeah I hope you enjoy the video. if you don't then… watch a vid you actually like i guess. Make sure to Sub Like and Share. And if you don't like my vids, then uh… then you can unsub. it's free.

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