Fast 100% (easy strat) - Fast 100% (easy strat)

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Just another 100% using the border strategy


  1. Dude owned an entire server all to himself

  2. I’ve tried this several times and it never worked once

  3. When you are far away from your territory to invade largely then you encounter another player…

    Me: 0_o waadsgcugjvkhpjphyfts

  4. This is the old one the new one is better

  5. lol thats soooo smart im gonna go try that

  6. What song are you playing in the background of this video? (Someone please reply and let me know)

  7. They need to make an online version, i would pay money

  8. is literally an online version of the arcade game Qix… just without the Qix itself.

  9. I can’t do that I tried that 10 times but I keep dying😡

  10. Pov : youre watching because you just died on 54
    percent because youre sibling messed you up at least i got the pegasus 50

  11. i wish cloud play with u i have the game tho

  12. I got 99.5 but died when I hit a wall going for the last bit of space, never had so much anger😂

  13. I’ve once gotten 100% in and I’ve also completed all of the challenges

  14. I got insanely lucky and went around every wall without getting defeated

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