7 Map Control: 100.00% [Professional] - 7 Map Control: 100.00% [Professional]

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  1. Ok now we know if we see a guy named tifo in our game and he is covering the hole map we know its him

  2. imagine spawning in and immediately getting killed

  3. Every player after finding the player who is occupying the entire map: Time to invade his territory in a way that he gives me insta kill 😎


  5. Il est trop bien comment vous fait pour pas vous faire prendre

  6. Why is seeing everyone's name get deleted off the leader board all at once so satisfying?

  7. Those are both cause if that was real the would killed him instead of sitting there

  8. C’est la musique qui fais tout preuve regarder la vidéo sans sons

  9. The funniest part is that people dont kill him

  10. I like that a guy just joined and you killed himXD

  11. เพ็ญพิชชา จําปาสี says:


  12. This is a great and satisfying video, believe me, but what is the song called?

  13. professional and personal use only the most 😊

  14. If I was in ur game i kinda will hit u (not kill ) u know wt i mean

  15. Вы невидете на вас нападают

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