3 Map Control: 100.00% [Unicorn] - 3 Map Control: 100.00% [Unicorn]

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Like: 154 3 Map Control: 100.00% [Unicorn]


  1. I like bad ice cream 3 2 on hudgames the first time I played it on hudgames, such a wondeful game!

  2. I take like 5 mins to be da "king" in paper oi xdd

  3. Кто русский ставит луйк((🙏🙏

  4. Я одна залипла?

  5. Where did you download this game?
    I want to download the game

  6. How!you Cam stay outside so long without anyone killing you!!??

  7. S mà giỏi quá zậy hả!!!!!!! Huhu very good hjhjjhhjjjjjjhhhhhhhhhjjjjjhjhjhjhjhh

  8. Me:I gEt 16%
    Tifo: I got 100%

    Me again :🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  9. Whenever I try to get a big chunk someone just kills me Xp

  10. Nobody :

    Literally nobody :

    Tifo : becomes first place in literally 11seconds

  11. You play with bots and that they don't kill you?

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