3 Map Control: 100.00% [Epic Rounds] - 3 Map Control: 100.00% [Epic Rounds]

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  1. 03สรณ์เชษฐ์ วรกิตสิทธิสาธร says:


  2. Wow si que eres pro sorry my english Is bad

  3. เส่สาระุงสที่ผนมัร่นยวยรับร่ด

  4. The. Song. And you can 't get. it. Good

  5. I saw when he was touching his line when he was doing the circle thing he touched his line and he didn't die he's a hacker

  6. 3:36
    why didn’t you do that whole thing if you cheat anyways, it’s not like someone is going to kill you

  7. I try that like 2 and i can do it becames is so muhc ppl they what to kill me so they kill me so i can, t🤕🤕


  9. Tifo: surrounding the whole map in one round
    me: can't even get to 10% of the map complete without dying

  10. Lease tell me how you get skin

  11. Moonlight that not moonlight paper io 23+195

  12. Tifo remember me when you have 1 million subs

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