3 Map Control: 100.00% [Big Spiral] - 3 Map Control: 100.00% [Big Spiral]

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Like: 13422 3 Map Control: 100.00% [Big Spiral]


  1. 다른애들이 안죽이네요? 신기하겤ㅋ

  2. ㅗㅍ툗ㅍㅇㅅㄷㅍㅇㅎㄷㅍㅌ쇼푯ㅊㅌ

  3. ไม่เห็นตรงกับหน้ปกอะ

  4. Русский человек ты тут есть вопще

  5. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎☹💩💩💩😈👎👅💎

  6. 라저 보면 공부 좀 하라고해주세요 says:

    와우 wow

  7. It's a hacked game who thinks that I said true give like 👍👍

  8. Like si soy el primer comentario en español

  9. I don't understand how he did not kill himself

  10. Ma all'inizio facevano apposta a non vederlo?!

  11. I am literally stressing that somebody is going to kill him lol

  12. I bet he was so angry wen people kept taking his paper 😯😯

  13. He’s not dying because he has a hack called godmode this hack allows you to be invincible in this game

  14. 10:21that cake was me i was attacking cause i assumed it was a fake so i was gonna destroy you sorry

  15. Hey you don see pink he just die he want to kill him

  16. How the duck did he not die
    How did he not cut his own line
    Reading comments so he plays with bots •~• so every single people who make these videos play with bots or mods

  17. his friends are playing with him they let him

  18. I don’t understand how he is so fast and no one else is

    Tirol how do you go so fast

  19. It's hacker in paper io!!!!!!!😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  20. Faker 😂😂🤣😂😂 no ones killing you

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