2 World Record Map Control: 100.00% - 2 World Record Map Control: 100.00%

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  1. No one there until you're almost done and the time coulda been SO MUCH better if you didn't blunder two spots and go back to your circle instead of just finishing the lap. It's cool but not super impressed. I don't mean to just troll. I'm sure you are great at the game but that seemed a bit…idk.

  2. I like how nobody is killing you and still your good

  3. juga paper2 teams yo juego ese
    me llamo hiroshichica me encantan
    tus videos bueno adios voy a jugar
    paper2 teams

  4. You peeps hate it all you want you gjust want to be bad and be hated i bet.

  5. How did you get yourself to be the only player? 😝

  6. This is Tifo
    Tifo doesn't cheat
    Tifo keps his veiwers happy
    Tifo is a pro
    Be like Tifo

  7. Pro 💖👍👍👍👍👍👍🦾💪🏿

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