2 World Conflict 100% [World Record] - 2 World Conflict 100% [World Record]

Colin CR
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This is my first time getting 100% in world conflict mode! Plz support by liking the video and subscribe to my channel!


  1. I was the Mongol Empire once with the whole south map

  2. My High Score is better than this:Score: 3206About 95% of the map completedDon’t remember time126 Players/robots killed

  3. is it a new record that i played for 57 minutes 💀

  4. Not a world record though. I've scored over 6,000 in one game.

  5. Also if you lose your capital, you lose everything else

  6. my high score






    724 (high score)




  7. How to get this game it's doesn't show in apple store

  8. My hing score: 1339, 45 kill, 28% map control

  9. my highest score is 8053 showing in the corner i just killed 81 ppls in one game my map is not big enough!

  10. i did 12 times my score was 5,000+ u r so noob u did once i did twice in a row lol

  11. poland had the best chance of ruin his world record

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