2 the mission for 100% map control - episode 1 - 2 the mission for 100% map control – episode 1

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I have seen several videos of people supposedly taking 100% of the map in 2. Some are legit, some though I feel are faking somehow. So I decided to do it my own way. I take on the challenge and set off to take full control of the map the legit way.

in this episode I reach a peak of over 25% but the end amount is set at 21.66% watch to see my strategy and how many awesome kills I get. I fast forward the boring and silent parts for your enjoyment. otherwise this would be another 40 minute video haha.

Watch out for the next episode were we tackle higher percentages of control and try to set a record of kills.

Music by Hilarian Torres who has given me permission to use his audio in my videos.


  1. I like that it's sped up showing a whole unclipped video. Looks like a lot of work though taking such small portions of the map.

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