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Sema Özçelik
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Stickman Warriors Duel is here! Follow the adventure of the red and blue stickman and get through the intriguing challenges waiting for you.

Help the red and blue stickman reach their goal by simultaneously control them to get over the dangerous traps to get the key and complete the level. Each one will be different and harder than the last, so use your brain wisely.

– Use the joystick to move one stickman.
– Press the switch button to switch to the other stickman.
– Press the jump button to get over the obstacles.
– Get to the key to open the door.
– Watch them dance gleefully as they escape.

– Challenging level design.
– Many colorful skins.
– New exciting mechanics.
– Unique art style.
– Unlimited playtime.
– Fun soundtracks.

Stickman Warriors Duel is the game to try! Play now!.

My name is Sma Ozce! Maybe you saw my “Animator vs. Animation” when it became a viral video in . I make stick figure animations that take place on a computer desktop screen. There is no dialogue, but a lot of humor and emotion. Hope you enjoy!

Check out my other channels too! I teach how to animate, I run a Minecraft server, and I play games!

Interesting in working for me as an animator? Apply below!

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