2 OOF Wii Music advertisement - 2 OOF Wii Music advertisement

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  1. Dude this was stolen by a guy that made the oof version

  2. I knew it was real, I could taste the oofs

  3. Nobody:

    The people who made this ad: uhhh what if we added in the Wii sports music but like the Roblox Oof sound version

  4. I wish they had The world in the background that would of been so cool

  5. Are the people who make these ads even human?

  6. why not staple tapeworms on my penis, that would be a better song choice

  7. It’s the middle of the night and this ad played for me a few minutes ago… this is by far the most bizarre, surreal, and inhuman advertising I have ever laid eyes upon. What the actual fuck. I think it’s time for bed. 😐

  8. When it ended I had to look it up. Something felt so surreal about it.

  9. Better than the jacking off noises, but why? just why?

  10. This soon will most likely be in i3Stars worst ads

  11. Ohh so it's Roblox. I legitimately thought they'd autotuned dog barks.

  12. isnt using this oof wii track illegal without consent

  13. How do you know a game is garbage? They use dank memes in their ads.

  14. Holy crap wtf is up with these mobile game advertisements this month? I’ve been getting the most bizarre,surreal,weird, and cringy mobile game ads I have seen in my entire life.

    Are these signs that these are our last days on the internet?

  15. i just got one with really furious wet noises and it made me so uncomfortable. the caption said "if you kill this boss youre legally a master" fjdnkfnr

  16. this has to have been made by cyborg sleeper cells or something

  17. This is stolen from "Maka Wuhu" from Mario kart 7!!!!

  18. I have a weird one on my channel where it has the same music and a floating 666.
    What drugs do these people take.


    Where's the original?!

  20. How I make these ads in paper io 2
    Hand:Hmm I guess I could use Mike wazowski's face
    Music: Umm how about Pollyanna
    the subtitle up top: just make it say "Was this made by EA?"

  21. The background music stealed if they didnt pay for the owner

  22. A new one came out where is was playing I'm blue daba Dee baba die but sped up

  23. Sum YouTuber who owned the song wants to know:
    Your location

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