2 Map Control: 100.00% - 2 Map Control: 100.00%

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  1. Is this a mobile game ad? Because it looks like one.

  2. No one's Safe when Tifo is around! Love the strategy btw😮

  3. это не ошибка. ⭐ Это шедевр ⭐

  4. Why are you movie all wiggly and stuff

  5. The ads: WHY THIS GAME SO HARD?!

  6. Што як це тут делаю?

  7. Всем прив из 2022 года

  8. did my guy just improve his sa:v ratio in a 2d game…

  9. Its Just Hack I See No One Touched any video

  10. Why is he making so many wavy and complex lines instead of straight and simple ones?

  11. This is easy i can do this every time i play

  12. And then unicorn skin is unlocked.
    You know you are so noob. I habe done it by just going along the edges. Just make a thick line around the edges and boom everybody inside the circle is killed. I played it when i was a noob kid

  13. CBFC - Campus Blue Foxhound Company [AS-U] says:

    Germany in 1939 (colorized):

  14. This game is so Nostalgic, I don't even know they got a new version.

    Thank you YouTube recommendation your the best.

  15. What I used to do is just go around the entire map and suddenly take everythin

  16. Props to you man… you will be an excellent Amoeba drawer!!

  17. Me who wanted to see what comes after u get 100%: my dissapointment is immesurable and my day is ruined

  18. Bro playing the game like in the ads but he aint loosin

  19. Every time this guy uploads my day gets better! ❤️👏

  20. Try to do 100% with one way only and in the end connecting it back

  21. If only .io games were actually mp, they might be fun with friends

  22. Throwback to when I spawned on the side and circled the entire map ‘til I reached my body and won first place in 30 seconds on my school computer at school with two of my friends watching during class

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