2 Map Control: 100.00% - 2 Map Control: 100.00%

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  1. This would be impressive if you weren't playing against bots.

  2. Why does this make me feel like I'm watching an ad

  3. the way you connected the lines irritated me SO much, like just go straight and finish the line.

  4. Do jiggle in pubg ❌

    Do jiggle in paper oi 2 👈

  5. His not just control the map
    His control the whole game

  6. Man makes wigly snakes over the map close to 47 players and no one kills him. I go out of my area for 2 seconds and some b runs over me lightning fast.

  7. How do you make those turns?? You're literally playing with death..

  8. wow, so u just have to bump into their trail to kill them?!

  9. RIP those who has spawned around the end. Imagine just hopping into the server and BAM, there’s a mega person who has nearly the entire circle thing

  10. Props for using the YouTube audio library

  11. والله انك كفو احلى واحد 👌👌👌🤩🤩🤩🤩😁😁

  12. I like how there is paper i.o 2 ad on a paper i.o 2 gameplay

  13. Esto fue una de las cosas más increíbles que vi

  14. °𝔸𝕝𝕖𝕩_𝕣𝕓𝕝𝕩° says:

    Wow it only took you 6 minute

  15. The way you move actually hurts me

  16. thinking about the blue player that spawned in and killed themselves after seeing what this person had created

  17. I just imagine him moving his mouse up and down, left and right in silence

  18. imagine spawning on here when somebody is on 90% and then you kill them

  19. when you make a fake video put in the name "this video is fake"

  20. This guy's borders are worse than Bangladesh in 2013

  21. I also tried the pronger strat did not work well

  22. What even is the point in all the swivels and turns and zigzags

  23. I don't understand how the mechanic works, how he can kill like that without diyng? Is this a special strat or how we moves?

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