2 INSTANT WIN! Superhero ZERO to HERO Trick [Batman] - 2 INSTANT WIN! Superhero ZERO to HERO Trick [Batman]

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  1. OMG 2 secs ago!

    Edit: no kidding I was second comment this other person was just like “hi”

  2. How do you do it? When I do it I get killed immediately! and I’ve played this game for like 8 months, so I’m a pro.

  3. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙂

  4. i like the batman texture XD XD

  5. People: looks like paper io more like bat man io

  6. Wow how do you do it without anyone killing you i got killed in 3 seconds every time i tried…

  7. Как это 6лять зделать если я убиваю тово игрока а меня бьет другой?-_-

  8. А меня бы сразу убили😅😢

  9. Я хочу чтобы вы поставили песню покинула чат

  10. You have to start teaching how to get this bug. You just show. We want to learn how to have this bug and not just see it. Please teach us

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