2 INSTANT WIN!!! Circling The Entire Map in Paperio 2 (100%) - 2 INSTANT WIN!!! Circling The Entire Map in Paperio 2 (100%)

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Like: 683 2 INSTANT WIN!!!!!! Circling The Entire Map in Paperio 2 (100%)

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  1. whyd the premiere end there was so much more

  2. Taratay2u2ud UTF-8 93ueqnsbb1u2queens 2has rfueehhey2h

  3. LETS HIT THE 8 BILLION LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  4. Dude, you got be back into these .io games!

  5. Best player, all your nostalgia is just magical!

  6. Let's go guys, let's get this video to 80 billion likes!

  7. You should go up against Tifo and see who can beat the other one more times.

  8. Jumbo an among us in airship map pls!

  9. You are not a player defeating other players. YOU are a bulldozer plowing casually through the map.

  10. I've been watching your videos for 4 years now! Keep up the great work, maybe we could play sometime? 🙂

  11. When ever I try to circle the map someone always gets me.

  12. too bad these mobile .io games are filled with bots

    patato comeback when 🙁

  13. how ot get circle at the bottom of screen

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