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The ORIGINAL 2 single swipe instant win video!
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Circling The Whole Map in 2 to get 100 percent instantly!
It’s not easy going around the whole map in paper io 2, there’s no secret or trick to help.
Going from Zero to Hero and getting a full circle takes a lot of luck lol!
Here’s a funny trivia secret, I actually got it on my first try but didn’t record!
It took me 2 hours to do it again LOL!

Music: Coupe – The Grand Affair


  1. The beef I have with this game is that the bots you play against will practically always win, unless you're hacking the web code. The bots always know where you are and they are coded to factor in the speed (which is constant for all) based on your proximal position. So you may be going in for a kill, but they are programmed to stay at precisely the right distance to get out of harms way and then come back and get you in turn, for example. Before I get called salty, I have actually won the small map multiple times and won the full teams map once. It's trying to win the full map solo that I find is practically impossible. Gains made are eaten away by other bots, and the more ground you cover, the more aggressive the bots become in trying to keep you from winning. I think the highest I've gotten was about 50%.

  2. Guys today I actually got the 100% on mobile, Insane 😂

  3. How many times did i take to do this?

  4. Paper io 2 on mobile prevents this type of thing from happening since nearby bots target you and try to kill you or go towards your zone to take it over, I tried this multiple times and failed due to some enemy bot crossing my line.


  6. My best was 91%.. I watched and ad and got kicked off😭

  7. clicks through gallery "time to delete my 20393992 failed attempts"

  8. How fake you want it to be
    He: Yes

    Bruh at the last why didn't the multicolour kill him

  9. Империя Троллича [ЭтоИтроллич - Майнкрафт] says:

    Is hard…

  10. It was a vidio if you go to the end you will see the x and that you won’t be able to press on it it was a vid

  11. For the people who wanted to do this, just get land which goes around the wall. And when you get to the end, the whole map will fill up. It works

  12. I covered the entire map, but I prefer to do it little by little. When I tried doing it in one try, I died.

  13. nah this is fake you probably invited your friends to the game and told them to just let you win

  14. I tried This but I died in 4 Seconds

  15. Why did the other players not show up on the map

  16. Imagine the confused people in the middle of the map lol

  17. That one kid who spawns “WHY IS THE MAP BLUE”

  18. I reach level 48 finally , its nice game , but this way never work for me I shared my recent game

  19. bro took started from the bottom to the next level.

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