2 INSTANT WIN! 100% MAP CONTROL in Paperio 2 - 2 INSTANT WIN! 100% MAP CONTROL in Paperio 2

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  1. Games. He is playing them, and he keeps playing them
    (Pls 10 likes)

  2. Imagine someone in the back of your color box is like

  3. Jumbo! You made not only my but OUR childhoods!! Thank you for everything!! Keep making lovely content, we love you

  4. Its is my memory in 2014-2021 that me child thank you jumbo

  5. Hey jumbo, i been a fan of you for a couple years, i think you should try agario mobile! Its fun!

  6. Jumbo hard to belive but i have proof, im subscribed to this channel since november the 14th of 2015, thank you for being my childhood <3

  7. I first watched your agario videos and that was like 6 years ago
    Then i just suddenly remembered you

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