2 © I Use 1.27 To Control Map Record (Original Speed) - 2 © I Use 1.27 To Control Map Record (Original Speed)

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Hi All frind i am Parynhar! Please enjoy with my game and help me subscribe, like and comment!
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  1. he is using small map that is why he is get alot of paper on the map already =l

  2. I’m a part of YouTube I have my own channel we’re working on a game system so like watch videos and play games and it’s free all you have to do is to rate 5 points on YouTube sorry but it’s what we have to do and a way to voice chat comments

  3. Already Since when were you watching rapper music

    Somebody kill me

  4. How did that person not kill you when you were about to join up

  5. Me:*hears I'm rich.Also me:no no no that's wrong im broke

  6. Your song is super cool like your song is the best I like your game to


  8. Tifo is way better
    And hoppiyblock is better too

  9. It took you more than 1 minute and 27 seconds to take the map, I've done it in 1 minute and 51 seconds

  10. Hi love your vids!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🖤🤎

  11. Trollagem não é minha castanha da área e trollagem enganar

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