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I show you how to get easy 100% in 2 by Voodoo!


  1. So far the highest I've gotten is 80% and it took some time. I don't think i'll ever make it to 100 but Ill try lol

  2. This guy got lucky. Usually people cut you off before u get all the way around

  3. In these vedios they'll show like this but if we play after one round our area will not be there

  4. It is easy for me i had covered 200000 of it 🤩

  5. I know y hay agradece deben even before i saw thai video

  6. I know a diffrent strategy.. VERY fucking good strategy. So when someone is attacking you circle around their whole area that they attack you from without him seeying you and kill him like that. I have captured the whole map that way and its super fucking powerful and takes no skill. Almost uncounterable


  8. And i was like at 9 atleast then i went to 6 UGHHHH LIAR

  9. i was try about 100 times but other players cut from back so i cant wing lol

  10. Eu tento mas estam sempre me ocupando área e me matando vou tentar mais uma vez..

  11. I thought of this before this before and never told anyone or got ideas from others so i guess lots of people had the same idea

  12. People keep taking my area…once I was on 28 percent and then someone chopped mine a lot and I was left with 5 percent …

  13. I just covered 100%of the map in 2 from this strategy without any hack 😁

  14. Saya bisa tidak ad orang yang mau membunuh saya dapet 100% ah mudah

  15. I tried this for 5 hours straight and it still failed

  16. i’ve tried this so many times but they always take my area before i can even get halfway around the circle

  17. This is bullshit(sorry for cursing) but unless you have major speed than you can't do it you know why?!because there's such thing as cut off someone area!!

  18. I have done 100 persant of the map if you want to do it just write V00d00Debug2019 in the name area🤣🤣if it work just give a like

  19. I did this and went around two times but people were taking my land faster than I was claiming it

  20. I can't even go to 20% without those other bots taking my property.

  21. Ok? I will copy you bc cuz if i do my own people will kill me

  22. This was 2 years ago, despite its pretty easy to win and unlock the unicorn skin, I just type "V00d00Debug2019" it will show me debug commands so i can disable enemies.

  23. How impossible you do that 😱 I did this impossible for like 7 months

  24. Everytime I get around 40%, the game glitches and takes all my safe area away and then I die!! It is really frustrating.

  25. You had to use the debug menu to be zoomed out that much! That's not the normal view….the game is way more zoomed in than that!

  26. Yeah it will never be this simple. Keep dreaming.

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