PAPER.IO #1 player in the WORLD! -

PAPER.IO #1 player in the WORLD!

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PAPER.IO becoming the #1 player!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)


  1. He didn't know he was first two times

  2. Ssundee did a thing where you can take over the entire map

  3. If got 50 kills in 64 kills in one game

  4. Anyone taking about how the vid is exactly 10 mins

  5. My son gets 1st every game he plays and he says its easy to be 1st

  6. What the f*** are you you don't know how to play IO

  7. Ha ha ga I like the bit where he did stuffs jahaha

  8. Take chunks of everyone, and when they come "destroy" them.

  9. its just weird to me how someone thats british and named ali (not actually) and is called Ali-A and my initals are AA because my last name is alaefari😂 some people call me Ali A

  10. Theres a better one called paper io 2

  11. team blue 💠🌀💙💎🌌🧊🌊 is the best

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