Is world conflict real? -

Is world conflict real?

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I investigate io games and determine whether they’re real or fake. world conflict is a mode of Link:
I recieved a report from an anonoymous individaul that they’d met up with people inside world conflict mode. Get ready for non-stop excitement. Play gunstar heroes melon bread online anytime, anywhere!
This video is a summary of the investigation of world conflict.

What .io game should I investigate next, leave suggestions in the comments.

Music 1: Music by ” Coma-Media from ” Pixabay

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End Music: TheFatRat ft. Laura Brehm – The Calling (Da Tweekaz Remix) link:

Sound Effects:
Surprise – Sound Effect by ” Phoenix_Connection_Brazil from ” Pixabay
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Cheering – ” Pixabay
Verdict – ” Pixabay
Buzzer – ” Pixabay


  1. How to advance on the leaderboard. I want to know how you do it

  2. Por simple curiosidad terminé viendo el video :0

  3. How did you place 10 players doing more 100k ? Myself (as human) I can do 5 or 7k and after I'm tired ? I expected that you're using bots or you're just hacking paperio, I wanna now how u do that

  4. Hola saludos desde España , yo no tenía del todo claro si eran bots o no por lo de los nombres pero ahora que he visto el video me doy cuenta de que es verdad al 100%.

  5. Congrats for your disclosure. I won't be able to play enjoying it anymore 🙁

  6. thank you. I used to be addicted to that game because I thought I was playing against real players. I never knew they were fake until now.

  7. It doesnt matter if the game is bots or not, its still fun, and no use hacking it for self gain.

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