I Started WW3 By Painting a World Map ONE Color (Paper io 2) - giriastudios.com

I Started WW3 By Painting a World Map ONE Color (Paper io 2)

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Who knew painting a map could make so many people angry!
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  1. Poor philipines drew capture capital manila last in 9 second

  2. This channel is always on the homepage, I've just sub

  3. "I don't want to be india, I want to be the British Raj"
    Beatiful 😂

  4. NZ is not on the map
    The Bots cannot invade

  5. He looks like he’s from king of the hill

  6. How did he get this part of the game I playe sit it wasn't this was I in the wrong one it had the same name

  7. I've just realized that drew killed me! I was big Shaq

  8. As a proffesional at this game with 600 as my high score i announce that Africa is the best place to start.

  9. I played this game online and took over 2 Quarters of the map and i was in a big lead while second place was next to me but couldn't expand his nation so he opted to go and fight me head on instead and we had a very large and mighty battle until i thought i had the finishing blow bur he got back just before i could kill him and he took my land which meant i was no longer safe and he struck the final blow, Power Hungary was my name representing the country of….well Hungary

  10. Dude I downloaded this app but it was very different

  11. why does Burundi have Bujumbura
    it was changed to gitega in 2018

  12. I played this game and every time I tried I died, bc my mouse was messed up and it barely does control moving, so I loose every time


    Edit: How do you play on laptops and PC/Computers? I try searching it up and all I found is the blank map

  13. this is fake multiplayer. Just a bunch of bots

  14. It's very interesting see him play a game that I like so much, at once y have all the map…

    PD. Sorry for the bad english, I'm a Spanish native speaker, and I understand good, but I didn't write good.

  15. It doesn’t make sense how 2nd place has the crown that’s so stupid

  16. Games like this have fake ai players. That was mostly bots that mimic human players. It's why noobs can reach 1st place with relative ease.

  17. He finally became a God-Tier Chad by playing this.

  18. my high score in world map is 63,340 . beware of — Quethedragon

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