I Created EPIC Empires By Painting World Maps... (Paper.io) - giriastudios.com

I Created EPIC Empires By Painting World Maps… (Paper.io)

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What if All Humans EXPLODED Like A Nuclear Bomb…
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  1. The power of Austrian Painter led to partial victory

  2. Paper.io2 I Make Videos About Paper.io2

  3. Another amazing video and play countryball at wars

  4. this game is super fun and i used to play it all the time but i think the other players are all bots for some reson

  5. 0:50 Petition for drew to stop mistaking Cyrillic with only Russian

  6. No you no you no you no you no you no you

  7. Drew: "Was this guy's name Polska? We just killed Poland, he was colonising Africa"
    Him being in South America when he killed Polska:

  8. This is the only goddamn game I can confirm I am truly pro at. Keep the good work going bro

  9. Petition for Drew to play Countryballs at war by SHN Games
    Day 115

    (It’s not the same game as Countryballs Europe 1890 it’s very different and fun it’s just made by the same people)

    I’m starting to lose hope that he will play this game 😔 I get it’s only on mobile but can’t it be emulated on to pc

  10. Fun fact: in world map mode, you can basically cheese the whole game and singlehandedly wipe out every player and catch every city. Unfortunately the game immediately kills you after because it literally can't spawn people in so long as you're alive, so it just wipes out.

  11. Hey dru the players in the game are bots

  12. Day 407 of asking Drew to play Minecraft earthmc.

  13. You can conquer the whole map in that game. The first time I did my name in the game was kkk. I only did it maybe 6 times in total. People are really bad at that game especially those that are scared to touch the wall around the edge and so miss out on a lot of land.

  14. Petition for drew to put the Ohio flag 🤓 – day 69420

  15. What is the game naam i secrte the game but it never popt op

  16. Petition for drew to play country balls world war day 39002

  17. make a czech empire next

    (should be easy as our navy has a 100% succes rate+)

  18. Petition for drew to do 10 biggest countries in the world vs the rest of the world for world war simulator

  19. Thank you for being apart of my nostalgic years for being apart of my childhood

  20. Idea: WW2 but the message for Mexico to attack the U.S. wasn't intercepted by the U.K

  21. Ahh yes doing what china is best at

  22. I love how say you say you hate it when it spawns you right next to the wall but that's literally the best way to play. Expand along the edge but also a little towards the center so no one can cut off apiece of you. Doesn't it just make sense to take all the land along the edge as it's literally the safest border you can have?!

    Well, at least Drew understood by the end!

  23. Petition for drew to put the Carthaginian flag

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