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I Conquered the World By Painting on a Map… (Paper.io)

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Paper.io is the most realistic map painter game
I Ruined the AMERICAS with All Out WAR…
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  1. I have a question, which app is the one where you’re able to play paper Io on a world map? Because you said it’s not on the same app as paper reel and I’m trying to download it. Do you know what the name of the app is?

  2. I love this mode better than team mode, most of my team mates are noobs, seems like im the only one doing all the work

  3. 10:57 newsealand player named Russia doesnt exist he cant hurt you:
    NEWSEALAND player named Russia:

  4. music , reacting and gaming for kids says:

    How do you play this

  5. that‘s what you get for invading China

  6. And made water empire be Mongol Empire

  7. Who ever reading this God bless you saying to who believe

  8. Did anyone realise that at the end he had 100 points which he could have deposited.

  9. The 2nd one is the best more than the 1st one

  10. me pov;in paper io 4 naming BRICS when i start defeats all


  12. Im in the video am from Slovakia and name was eyes

  13. Day 2 of saying that collab with JackSucksAtGeography

  14. That is not the old German flag that is the current German flag including the Coat of Arms, similarly, sometimes you can see the Polish flag with the CoA on the top, except that is the civil flag, not the national flag.

  15. 13:18 you had the 103 beside you, you could have put it on your capital and got 103 more points. because you didn't the Russia that killed you got the 103… Nice job -_-

  16. I know about sealand and I live in the ysa

  17. There is no Sri Lanka they forgot Sri Lanka

  18. MANO O CARA TÁ COM O NOME literalmente “Tô nem aí”

  19. What game is it and the link, i cant find it 🙁

  20. Are these modes only for the computer version?

  21. nice videi also karachi is pakistan

  22. Me litearly getting 50/60 kills in paperio.2 :

  23. Sealand the micronation in the uk?

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