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I Conquered CONTINENTS By Painting a World Map… (Paper.io)

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America Battle Royale with 126 States Until 1 Left…
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  1. Who gave the perfect opportunity to learn about world capitals

  2. Isn't that game says online game but use bots ?

  3. There's a new worldbox update I suggest you play it

  4. What is the game called I tried to download but it didn't pop up lol

  5. In World Map mode, cities help to boost your score significantly. Oofing others and gaining land can gain you points too.

  6. This is such a fun game. It's crazy on mobile it's squares

  7. When I saw my country on my front page, I knew that he has learnt his lesson

  8. I challenge you for a match in world conflict.. Im asian so think twice before accepting challenge XD. Reply if you think you can beat me.. he he he ha ha ha ho ho ho xa xa xa ja ja ja

  9. What game is this, and is it available on mobile?

  10. A tip if you plan to play more: You can push yourself towards borders and really take over the map
    It may not be the most useful, but it's the best way to know if somone is creeping up on you: By not leaving them any land to do so without being detected by the minimap!

  11. K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な says:

    Such a shame that Drew didn't take all of South america's coasts.

  12. Drew's narration makes me laugh out loud every time.

  13. I single handedly got albania to 4th place once by capturing the entire arena, we were technically in 3rd because ukraine was hacking but still

  14. Game: says Arctic Ocean
    Drew: oh we’re in Antarctica

  15. Drew you need to live stream when ur playing paper io 2

  16. Drew,you should smooth out your borders more, then you can more easily tell from where you're attacked

  17. 1:40 Putin be like:''Sorry Ukraine, but I need to secure my southern flank''

  18. Italian opening this video 😶😶😶

  19. Hey are you going to try the new Worldbox update in one of your future videos. It is a good update.

  20. You shouldd play countryballs at war by shn games

  21. "It's 2020 we don't need to bully anymore."
    -Drew Durnil 2022

  22. T̸H̴E̸_̵C̶O̵R̷R̸U̷P̶T̸E̸D̵ says:

    play roblox rise of nations its really fun

  23. Drew Durnil,There is a new Countryball game called “Countryballs at war”.I highly recommend for you to play it.”Its really good”.I do not know if it is on PC but if it is please make a video on it,I would really appreciate it.Have a great day!

  24. Hey Drew can you try to go around the perimeter of the world map mode? i got pretty close to it once but then some guy just decided to cut most of my territory away


  26. Video idea: Greece gets its total borders it ever had (stretching all the way from gibraltar to india) and trying to survive by fighting all countries in the world.

  27. I’ve gotten to 3,000 in world conflict

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