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I Conquered CONTINENTS By Painting a World Map… (Paper.io)

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Back in the best map painter strategy game
America Battle Royale with 126 States Until 1 Left…
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  1. Benito is a Nather name for the mako shark

  2. RIP Ukraine for in the game and in real life.(unless Ukraine does get their possible victory

  3. I don't like battle royale because when the circle gets smaller the density is high and i cannot move around freely and I eventually get oofed

  4. How dare you destroy your crane!

  5. How dare you destroyed Ukraine!

  6. I conquered half of the world by a simple trick

  7. how do you get it to load when mine loads it just freezes

  8. Mr krabs leading iran is kinda accurate because many children here watch SpongeBob

  9. How to change gamemode on paper Io mobile

  10. Yaşasın ırkımız. ÇİNE BEDER KIRKIMIZ

  11. I once encircled the earth and made a ring nation… as soon as I met the other side of the ring, I had conquered whole of the earth !!

  12. I like this game, but I discovered that it was only bots….

  13. I could do an impression of you and people would believe its you

  14. James 3:10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so. Also Jesus is king God is king

  15. Can you do the Egyptian Empire Because am Egyptian if you did the Egyptian Empire give me the link please

  16. I can’t find this game on my computer nor phone what game is this?

  17. i got whole europe and north africa i almost got 1000 points

  18. Your_local soviet Countryball 🏳️‍🌈⃠ says:

    How the heck did you get the World conquest thing

  19. bro!!! This game is all bots, unless it’s a different version… that isn’t made by voodoo

  20. btw I'm in the top 10 countries in the paper io 2 conflict and i was Australia.

  21. Me encanta que hagas la parte 2 de un videin saludos desde argentina

  22. Drew what happened to your eye

  23. 👏👏👏👏👏bravo Benito finalmente sei tornato. Mussolini è tornaooo

  24. I used to play this game SOOOO much. I litterally forgot about it

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