I Almost TOOK OVER The WHOLE MAP! (Paper.io) - giriastudios.com

I Almost TOOK OVER The WHOLE MAP! (Paper.io)

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Today in IO games, we are playing Paper.IO!
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  1. When you're circle is red
    It mens you're been attack

  2. Make a date I think it was a meditating Your need with your dayThat them BringPointing I way tired Thank you Yeah you do

  3. Crainer: we've got a MARSHMALLOW up in here!
    Also Crainer: Ha you thought!
    Me: pauses the video realizes it is not marshmallow CRAINER IT IS MAILWILLOW NOT MARSHMALLOW

  4. Who see this in 2021???????????????????????????????

  5. I thought josh uploaded this video cause I think josh’s fav color is red lol

  6. Sorry I’m just now seeing what I’m going on and going on

  7. Best thing is to stay in your blob and wait for someone to go into your blob

  8. I will get a crainer tea shirt soon.💖

  9. Imagine if crainer coverd a lot of the map when he took the big risk.😮

  10. I watch your videos every single day thanks for making this video

  11. Am I the only one who noticed he said the map was on the bottom left corner when it’s actually on the bottom right??

  12. Crainer: puke green colour
    Me:Isn’t that jelly’s colour???

  13. I got 100 percent in this Paper io!You are funny!

  14. Cranier you were in my game my name is prince

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