Filling the WHOLE Circle on PAPER.IO 2 -

Filling the WHOLE Circle on PAPER.IO 2

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Today Sigils is playing 2! Can he cover the whole 100% of the map in one giant circle in this challenge or will he Fail and Rage? What are some of the best .io games he should play?

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  1. Sigils my walk up song in baseball is lose yourself

  2. Some YouTuber went to the edge of the circle and went all around the circle and got 100%

  3. Play Rl craft and scramble craft (by Atlantic craft) modpack with camp Minecraft. The scramble craft modpack has tons of more mods than just the scrambled recipe in vanilla Minecraft

  4. is like pubg it is 2d pubg you should do it and make viewers play with you like a steam on twitch

  5. u died because u ran into the wall it does that sometimes

  6. Bro 5:20 I set the wr for 100% map control in 4minutes 10 seconds don't say it's impossible

  7. 5:16 there actually is people that did it, and no one could spawn cuz you can only spawn on paper, and not inside of player’s territory

  8. sigils asks for 3k likes. Ssundee asks for 50k in 4 hours

  9. i am a new sub I was checking out some of ssundees friends and your the only one i subbed to

  10. My highest score in this is 42.54 percent what’s urs

  11. zombs royale
    all the way!!
    love you sigi bigi

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