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Did I Fall Off In JumpFall.io???

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  1. This was back in the day when it was actual hard to beat. They dumbed it down but to be fair it’s to make it easier when there are a lot of people playing

  2. thanks for the intrutctions i´m new I don´t know ok

  3. no need to jump at 0th check0:59 just jump over lava blocksame thing on 1:01, 1:22 to 1:32(It would save time in speedrun)1:13 go on the highest ice block and jump as far as further1:33 don't hold shift and jump directly on the safe block in the middle of lava block1:39 no need to jump it is safe 1:41 no need to jump it is safe1:56 just jump above the lava blocks2:18 same thing like 1:33 but jump immediately when reach ice blockall these advice could make the game faster by appox. 15-20 secGood play

  4. Hey clipping it's dus….. Yes it's actually me my name is bugged. The new maps are already getting dominated by calamity and ooga. Good luck

  5. Roma Productions 3010 | Mr incredible meme fan says:

    Record of the deaths 🏆

  6. These new maps are tough and I think they removed the desert map. I've only beaten one of the new maps

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