breaking ANOTHER world RECORD in PAPER.IO -

breaking ANOTHER world RECORD in PAPER.IO

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  1. World record??? I do this and it's normal day of my life

  2. This guy doesn't deserve the oxygen he is currently breathing.

  3. I have been searching for a name for two years 😢

  4. The record I made with bots is I went in a giant circle all over the edge right away and made it. Took me about 80 attempts but it's doable

  5. Chickensiedelchatyouguyswait? Bro wth is even that?!?

  6. Is this guy copying xqc or is he equally bad at English?😂

  7. I swear I could understand the first time, but when the video looped I didn't understand a word.

  8. Bruh I can’t listen to this dude try to act like xqc

  9. At first i thought it's weird that youtube recommended me a german reel. Then i made out the "let's go part" and my brain burnt a fuse or two

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