Albert plays PAPER.IO -

Albert plays PAPER.IO

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Today I actually try PAPER.IO for the first time, I played on Roblox and decided to try this game that everyone’s going crazy about.


  1. albert: i may have looked up a tutorial mid recording
    also him: I DIDN'T DO THAT

  2. He is so dumd and he dont know what he's doing

  3. "you are a lucky little boy" The username was literally female. LOL

  4. If you touch the wall you don’t die

  5. My stomach was bleeding while you said this big fat bleeding stomach

  6. Albert: playing with bots

    bot: is dumb and looses


    also albert: looses u suck

    bot: 👁👄👁

  7. Albert: people don't really attack you much huh

    also albert: playing with bots

  8. when I pressed this vid I saw a paper io ad bruh

  9. Wow flamingo said he wants a truth PEACE!? PEACE?!!!??? Who r u

  10. I clicked the like button and left the video

  11. floor when u come at it: OH NO OH SHOOT… AHHHHHHH!!!!

  12. if you want to know if someone is taking your space look at the mini map and if it turns red you know what will happen

  13. There is someone in 2nd place called ussr also known as soviet union known for being communist

  14. Albert:I’m just gonna take this big risk real quick..
    Also Albert: People take like, such fat risks in this game I don’t understand why

  15. hint: If u touch the wall, u don't die.

  16. alternet title: flamingo doesnt realize he is playing with bots and doesnt understand how the game woks

  17. you know albert stuff youtube channel cool

  18. when my
    ittle sister played this game she didn’t know that all those players were bots for practice amd after she played with players

  19. 5:44 HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA 😆 LOL 😆 🤣 😂 😅 😄 SO FUNNY

  20. Albert: lets make a truce PLZZZZAlso Albert: *Steals everyones area*

  21. Why is some people here bots???????????????? But I am not a bot

  22. Albert: I love you
    Also Albert: but I’m still going to kill you

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