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100% on all maps in Paper.io 3D | Part 2 (iOS – Android)

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Discover the smooth drawing experience of Paper.io now in 3D! Create your zone, avoid others players and colors unique 3D shapes! Paper.io 3D is a new mobile game for free download by Voodoo. Check this out!

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  1. i finished all mapsi use the strategy of making a line around the map then connecting it my place so i finish it like that but people bother a lot though but i dont carei even finished all the satellites as well

  2. 🎄.
    🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 Hello

  3. I was doing really good in a game and though “this is gonna be my first 100% in paper.io”


  4. Ja nie moge pobrac bo wpisalam w google: "paper.io 3d dowland" i mi pisze ze nie moge pobrac bo nie mam Ios ;—-;

  5. Well this game is only for IOS?
    (Sorry for any mistakes, I'm bad at English gramarrr ;^;)

  6. I’m so confused how to get 100% on the cupcake??!

  7. You know how some people have different shaped colours
    Like when they start
    how do they get it¿

  8. Я одна тут русская?😂

  9. What is the secret of this game? I can’t get through, but everyone can (well, who plays paper.io and these are youtuber🤔) I am from Russia, I don’t speak English (but I would like to) 😅)

    Transfertion into Russia:
    Перевод на Русский
    В чем секрет у этой игры? Я не могу пройти, а все могут (ну кто играет в paper.io и это ютуберы🤔) я из России, я не говорю по Английскому(а хотелось бы)😅)

  10. I finished all with setelight till ✏️ pencil but not going further. I really like to play but I m stuck. Help me

  11. Which level is the candy? It says I finished with 100% on all of them and then stops on pencil. I haven’t unlocked the ghost skin but it says 100%

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